Can you hear me?

This small diptych from 2020

It is no doubt that the pandemic caused people to feel cut off or miss being surrounded by friends or loved ones.
Or even strangers. 

“Can You Hear Me?” Is a play on words of our childhood tin can telephones. The string that connects the cans is hanging by a thread and there is corrosion/rust which show the passing of time. Even though the duration of this time apart is unknown, the kids appear happy.I wanted to show that we are never really cut off from anything in this physical world. Everything is energy and vibrates. There is no separation since our energy fields mix. We are interconnected and the energy that is available, if we want to feel it, is more powerful than words. It is another reminder that we are all one. 

Material: Acrylic and Oil on wood
Size: 2 paintings 20″x10″

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